A brilliant and inspiring film by Natt Jaitrong, a 13 year old diver from Thailand.

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Fuelled by his passion for diving at Similan Islands, Natt introduces Thailand’s underwater world with some stunning photography and clips while highlighting the effects that litter and plastic has on the world’s oceans.

Natt Jaitrong, Thai film maker

Natt Jaitrong

After seeing fellow Thais littering the sea and learning from his father about dolphins suffocating on discarded plastic bags, Natt formed a group called Nautical Ninjas which he describes as a club of people interested in cleaning up the ocean, as well as producing his own film with his family,

“This is part of my effort to raise awareness that littering is going to kill our seas unless we stop dumping the sea with trash.” – Natt Jaitrong

Litter in the Thai Seas

Litter like this is killing the Thai Seas

In his film, Natt urges people not to litter the seas and to pick up trash whenever they visit the beach, the consequences for not doing so could lead to the extinction of Dolphins in Thailand.

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