Magnificent Mantas – Once Again on the MV Hallelujah

In just a few weeks Ric Parker will be heading into the Similan Marine National Park for his third presentation of See and Sea’s ‘Magnificent Mantas’.

Ric Parker presents Magnificent Manta RaysThe Magnificent Manta Project was started by See and Sea in April 2014. After a number of trips together with the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Ric Parker, one of the organisation’s founders, set out to further educate divers in the Similans about these amazing marine creatures.

Manta Ray Conservation, Education and Research

The focus of the Magnificent Manta presentation is to offer more information about the behaviour and biology of these majestic creatures, and to delve deeper into the theory behind how to interact with them. Inspired by Dr. Andrea Marshall and Dr. Fabrice Jaine’s research and information, Ric was able to construct an interesting and educational introduction to Manta Rays as part of See and Sea’s expanding conservation work in the Andaman Sea.

Manta Rays at Koh TachaiThe presentation touches on the different types of Manta Rays that there are, and what you might see in the Similans Islands. Ric explains how to tell the difference between male and female mantas, how to get the most out of an encounter with a manta and possibly most importantly, how divers can become a part of manta research too.

An important aspect of the conservation of these creatures is tracking their movements, this can be done through Manta Matcher, an initiative set up by Wild Me and the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Ric will explain how you can also contribute to this with Manta ID shots.

Manta Ray Presentation on the MV Hallelujah

MV Hallelujah Similan LiveaboardThe MV Hallelujah will once again be the host for this presentation, after it’s success back in 2014. This Similan liveaboard visits the national park for 4 day and 4 night trips throughout November – April. Everyone always comes back from a trip on the Hallelujah having had a great time, and hopefully with the odd Manta ID shot or two.

Ric will be presenting his Manta information on the trip departing 14th March, returning on the 18th. There are still a few spaces left on this Similan liveaboard with a difference, so get in touch with us now to book your spot for a Magnificent Manta presentation out in the National Park.